Talking on the Phone

Kyra LOVED to talk on the phone. She thought it was one of the coolest things to do.

It started with my iPhone. She instantly had a friend in Siri. Kyra would hold down the button, she would proceed to baby talk while Siri tried to register what she had said. When Kyra was done with her baby babble monologue, Siri would respond with “Sorry, I missed that” or “Here’s some information.” And, Kyra would giggle and proceed to talk to Siri again. And, occasionally she would coerce Siri into calling one of my friends, and Kyra would be in awe to hear another voice coming out of the speaker.

Kyra also loved to talk to people on the telephone. She would go to the kitchen and point at the cordless phone. That was her signal to call “Gan-pa.” Kyra and Grandpa had LONG conversations on the phone. He would ask her a question and Kyra would talk and talk and talk. She was too young to speak words for much of her life, but Kyra was animated. She was passionate about whatever she was saying. These conversations would go on sometimes for 20 or 30 minutes. Sometimes she would multi-task – hold the phone to her ear while she rocked on her rocking horse, or put the phone down so she could go down the slide. But, once she slid down, she picked up the phone and started talking again without missing a beat.

Before her naps, she would speak to “Gaaaan-Ma.” Grandma would ask questions, and Kyra would respond with “Yesshhh.” Kyra would listen intently to whatever Grandma had to say, and Kyra would start to yawn. I know Grandma would tell her to have sweet dreams and to dream of Elmo and Minnie Mouse.

I have since disabled Siri. After Kyra was taken, it was too hard me to hear it. It would make me cry. I watch videos of her on the phone and I laugh…and then I cry, because I miss her so very much.

I wish there were phones in heaven so we could talk, as I miss the sweet sound of her voice and the beautiful sound of her giggling. I wish I could tell her that I love her and that I miss her. For now, I blow kisses to heaven and hope she can hear some of my prayers.