Kyra’s Irish Eyes Were Always Smiling

Kyra had the most gorgeous blue eyes. They were a soft blue. They were always dancing, and you would see her eyes light up when she was exploring something new, conquering a new challenge, or just happy to see someone. It was so amazing to watch her conquer her toddler world with excitement and amazement.

She embraced and loved life. She reminded those around her what it was like to be a kid again, to get excited about the little things around us. If she saw a flower, she had to smell it. If she saw a puppy, she had to play with it. And, if she saw something she could climb up on and jump off of, she was going to tackle it. She had no fear, no hesitation – and she was always excited for her next adventure.

She was always a good sport. I put the hat and braids on her for her first St. Patrick’s Day, thinking it would last all of two seconds before she ripped it off. But she thought the hat was funny, so she kept it on and kept laughing. She got tons of attention from people for wearing it.

I watch videos of her, and I can see that joy in her eyes. Her eyes would start to twinkle first, and then her laugh would follow. These are the things I hold onto and cherish as I live in world without her.