Christmas without Kyra

Tuesday is Christmas. For me, it is the day I have been dreading since my 2-year-old daughter Kyra was murdered. Christmas day 2018 will be the day that Kyra has been gone longer than she was alive – 28 months and 23 days. You see, when your daughter is murdered, these are the things you count.

Knowing her murderer, it was probably planned this way – to continue to hurt me from the grave. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Before she was murdered, Kyra LOVED to watch Elmo Christmas specials. She would hum and sing the tunes. She would request the same videos again and again. Kyra would sing the songs in stores, on the playground, pretty much everywhere. I would often join along.

What should be a day filled with Kyra opening presents from Santa, will instead be one where my heart continues to feel broken and heavy. Instead of reading stories about Rudolph and catching Kyra sneaking cookies, I will be praying that she is enjoying Christmas in heaven.

It is so unfair and, so incredibly cruel. Kyra was a loving, vibrant, energetic, silly little girl. Her joy brightened every room she entered. She deserved so much more. And, I miss her every second of every day.

I keep trying to focus on how Kyra’s story can help to bring about needed changes. But, I would be lying if I didn’t say it hurts as much today as it did the day I learned she was murdered.

To Kyra, I’m blowing kisses your way. I love and miss you more each and every day. Merry Christmas in heaven, my Sweet Baby Girl.


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