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Happy 4th Birthday in Heaven Kyra

I LOVED Kyra’s birthday. I loved celebrating the day she was born, the day she entered our world, and honoring HER. Kyra always made me laugh, and her curiosity and excitement for what would come next made each day brighter. Kyra came into our world in a complete whirlwind. I had a complication and, within … Read moreHappy 4th Birthday in Heaven Kyra

Kyra’s Irish Eyes Were Always Smiling

Kyra had the most gorgeous blue eyes. They were a soft blue. They were always dancing, and you would see her eyes light up when she was exploring something new, conquering a new challenge, or just happy to see someone. It was so amazing to watch her conquer her toddler world with excitement and amazement. … Read moreKyra’s Irish Eyes Were Always Smiling

Five Billboards Outside a Tony Robbins Conference

The most amazing four days of my life since Kyra was taken started out with me being in the bathroom at the worst possible time … and ended with Tony Robbins bowing to me in front of thousands. You just can’t make this stuff up! I want to share with you what happened to me … Read moreFive Billboards Outside a Tony Robbins Conference

Christmas in Heaven

Christmas would have been one of Kyra’s favorite holidays. You see, before she was taken, Kyra had been watching Elmo Christmas specials for months. She knew every song by heart and would sing along. We would get some odd looks in June and July when we would be in the supermarket or playground and she … Read moreChristmas in Heaven

Kyra’s First Day of Preschool

  Today, should have been Kyra’s first day of preschool. Over the last few weeks, I have seen pictures of my friends’ children on their first day. These parents are celebrating milestones with their children – how old they are, what grade they are in, what they want to be when they grow up. And, … Read moreKyra’s First Day of Preschool

Do You Believe in Angels?

Kyra’s passing has been so hard to process. There are days when I simply cannot comprehend the depth of her loss…so you can imagine how difficult it has been responding to her friends who keep asking the questions, “Where is Kyra?” “Can Kyra play?” But there has been solace from her friends’ questions, too. Below … Read moreDo You Believe in Angels?