Month: February 2017

Our Family Court System Favors Abusers

by Jacqueline Franchetti It has been seven months since Kyra was taken way too soon. I miss her smile, her giggle, her laugh. And, I wonder what she would be like today had she lived. I want you to understand a small fraction of the hell I was living in while going through Kyra’s custody … Read moreOur Family Court System Favors Abusers

Valentine’s Day Thoughts

by Jacqueline Franchetti Last night, while many of you were out celebrating Valentine’s Day, I met with another Mom who lost her daughter nearly 20 year ago. In sadly similar circumstances, the father killed her then-five-year-old daughter in a murder-suicide. This brave and wonderful woman now works in the domestic violence space, and her efforts … Read moreValentine’s Day Thoughts