Blow Kisses

by Jacqueline Franchetti

Kyra loved to blow kisses. It was the way we always said good-bye. When I left for work, she would look out the window and we would blow kisses at each other. When she Face-Timed her grandparents, her family and her friends, she would close by saying “bye” and blowing kisses.

It was a way to say, “I love you” and “I will be back.” Unfortunately, in July, when we blew each other kisses … unknowingly … it was our last good bye. And, Kyra will never come back home.

Today, I hold onto so many memories of Kyra. As I try to make it through a world without her, I hold onto the wonderful things she did that brought joy into the world.

Every day I am reminded of Kyra. When I see a toddler, I think of Kyra. Sometimes, when I see a little girl with blond hair like Kyra’s, it stops me in my tracks. There are times when I hear a young child say “Mommy” in a voice similar to Kyra’s, and I will turn around.

Even mundane tasks remind me of Kyra. When I go grocery shopping or to the pharmacy, I see sippy cups, meat balls (her favorite!), and pacifiers – and they remind me of Kyra. If I see a commercial with Elmo or Mickey Mouse, I think of Kyra. And, when I go for walks, and meet a puppy and its owner, it makes me think of her as I know Kyra would want to pet and play with it.

Whenever I see these things that remind me of Kyra, I blow kisses. It’s my way of honoring her. It’s my way of saying I will always remember and always think of her. And, it is my way of continuing to love her.

So, if you see me one day blowing kisses – and it seems out of the blue – know they are meant for Kyra. Know that it means I love her and I miss her.

Next week, on April 4th, I will ask for your help in honoring her and celebrating her life by blowing kisses and your friends and family. More details to follow soon.

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