Our Family Court System Favors Abusers

by Jacqueline Franchetti

It has been seven months since Kyra was taken way too soon. I miss her smile, her giggle, her laugh. And, I wonder what she would be like today had she lived.

I want you to understand a small fraction of the hell I was living in while going through Kyra’s custody proceedings in Family Court.

This trailer discusses how ABUSERS are getting CUSTODY of the child(ren) over the non-abusive parent. This is terrifying, and a very real fear, for many non-abusive loving parents like myself.

I wish my story and Kyra’s story were isolated incidents, but they are not. The “good” parent is at a significant disadvantage in our current family court system. Kyra resided with me, but the other side was pushing for Kyra to be removed from my home. Reform is desperately needed NOW!

Family courts continue to fail our families, especially our babies. We must stop handing over our kids to abusive parents. The safety of the child must always come first! If the family courts had put safety first, Kyra would have lived past 28 months.

Please watch and share. We need to stop this from happening to other children.

And, thank you for your support. I wouldn’t have the courage to fight without your love and encouragement.