Do You Believe in Angels?

Kyra’s passing has been so hard to process. There are days when I simply cannot comprehend the depth of her loss…so you can imagine how difficult it has been responding to her friends who keep asking the questions, “Where is Kyra?” “Can Kyra play?” But there has been solace from her friends’ questions, too. Below … Read moreDo You Believe in Angels?

A Request from Jacqueline for Kyra’s Angel Day

One year ago was the last time I saw my sweet baby, Kyra, alive – the last time I saw her sweet face, her beautiful smile, heard her say “Momma” and watched her run around in circles and giggle. I dropped her off for a forced visitation, and she was murdered on July 27, 2016. … Read moreA Request from Jacqueline for Kyra’s Angel Day

A Father’s Day Message from Kyra’s Grandpa

Being a grandfather on Father’s Day is incredibly special. Not only do you have your own children, but you have your children’s children to love and to cherish.  And for some, like me, to remember. Kyra was about two and a half when she was taken from us. This will be my first Father’s Day … Read moreA Father’s Day Message from Kyra’s Grandpa

Remembering Baby Natalee

by Jacqueline Franchetti Today, on the eve of marking nine months of being without my sweet baby Kyra, I find myself heartbroken and troubled. Over the last few months, I have been sharing parts of my story and Kyra’s story. I have been posting about familicides in the hopes of raising awareness of these horrific … Read moreRemembering Baby Natalee

Blow Kisses

by Jacqueline Franchetti Kyra loved to blow kisses. It was the way we always said good-bye. When I left for work, she would look out the window and we would blow kisses at each other. When she Face-Timed her grandparents, her family and her friends, she would close by saying “bye” and blowing kisses. It … Read moreBlow Kisses

The Kyra Franchetti Foundation Is Now Accepting Tax Deductible Donations

To all of Kyra’s supporters, Thank you for your love and encouragement. No words can adequately express how much your support means to me and to my family. Your generosity has lifted our spirits in so many ways. I am very proud to let you know that we are closing Kyra’s GoFundMe account. We are … Read moreThe Kyra Franchetti Foundation Is Now Accepting Tax Deductible Donations

Our Family Court System Favors Abusers

by Jacqueline Franchetti It has been seven months since Kyra was taken way too soon. I miss her smile, her giggle, her laugh. And, I wonder what she would be like today had she lived. I want you to understand a small fraction of the hell I was living in while going through Kyra’s custody … Read moreOur Family Court System Favors Abusers

Valentine’s Day Thoughts

by Jacqueline Franchetti Last night, while many of you were out celebrating Valentine’s Day, I met with another Mom who lost her daughter nearly 20 year ago. In sadly similar circumstances, the father killed her then-five-year-old daughter in a murder-suicide. This brave and wonderful woman now works in the domestic violence space, and her efforts … Read moreValentine’s Day Thoughts