Our Why

Kyra was taken from us when she was 28 months old. Kyra was shot twice in the back while she slept by her biological father, who then committed suicide.

The mission of the Kyra Franchetti Foundation is to identify and protect at-risk babies, children, and their families, inside and outside the family court system, from domestic violence and death. We do this through early intervention, educational practices, and programs focused on identifying and preventing physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. In addition, we advocate for related policy changes that promote and protect those at-risk, endeavoring to prevent families from suffering and to stop the devastating consequences of domestic violence.

The Kyra Franchetti Foundation is in memory of our sweet baby girl and is dedicated to protect other children from a similar fate.


I miss Kyra every second of every day. Every morning she was woken up by “Mommy’s Kisses.” She spent her mornings taking classes, ranging from gymnastics and soccer to swimming and music. Kyra was a chatter box and easily made friends wherever she went. She loved bubbles: blowing them, catching them, and taking bubble baths. Kyra loved to watch Elmo, Mickey Mouse and “Kyra TV,” which included videos of her, her family and her friends. Kyra loved the sprinklers at the park and would jump and giggle whenever she could play there. She often requested “moo-sic” so she could dance. She loved to draw and play with playdough and puppies. Kyra was an avid traveler and was thrilled when the destination included a beach.

While it would be comforting to think of Kyra’s death as an isolated incident or single tragic story; there are thousands of murder-suicides like Kyra’s each year. The number of these murder-suicides are on the rise, and more common if custody is being disputed, as it was in her case. Babies and children, just like Kyra, are left unprotected and defenseless each year. The Kyra Franchetti Foundation is dedicated to preventing domestic violence from destroying other families. There are also many other victims of domestic emotional, physical and sexual abuse that do not lead to death, that are not being adequately addressed by our family court system.

We are in the process of filing paperwork to have 501(c)3 status for the Kyra Franchetti Foundation. You can make a tax-exempt donation to the Kyra Franchetti Foundation by check or credit card here.